Sunday, October 14, 2012

weekend report

My weekends can be summed up on one piece of paper, our weekend cue sheet.  Today as I prepared to go home after the services I looked down at the cue sheet I had used this weekend.

This cue sheet contained the titles of beautiful worship songs, instructions about each transition within the service and many more details.  It contained something else, all my notes.

It struck me how sad the notes were.  These gorgeous songs, each representing uncountable hours that went into every single detail both from staff and from our volunteers preparing, memorizing and rehearsing.  And yet, over all the beautiful details were the notes about any mistake that occurred, anything we wanted to try to do better, any detail that was left out.  There is something new to learn each weekend for sure, but this visual of our struggle to do our best each weekend just really struck me.  Many of us have been trying to get it perfect for nearly 16 years now, but of course perfect will never happen.

We can rest in one thing, we try our hardest each weekend.  We offer God our best efforts and try to take our focus off the mistakes long enough to worship and learn from the amazing teachings!

Our setlist:
Spirit Fall - Tomlin
From the Inside Out - Hillsong
Where I Belong - Building 429
Where The Spirit of the Lord Is - Tomlin
You Revive Me - Passion
Message:  Systematic Theology: Holy Spirit - Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit Song:  Where I Belong - Building 429

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