Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Our artist group assignment from last month was to sketch, write, draw, or paint about DREAM.
All month I've thought about what I would produce to describe what comes to my mind about dream.

First I ask myself, do I have a dream?

Yes, I dream of a free world.  No slavery, no abuse, no addiction, no hunger, no disease, no hatred.

Then I remember that Christ offers the only true freedom, in HIM we can be free no matter what earthly circumstance we find ourselves in.  This world can never be free, for it is a sinful world.

Yes, I have a dream.  I dream of a confidence like I have never known.  I waste time being unsure. I sometimes feel paralyzed to move forward due to a lack of confidence, afraid I may make a mistake.

Yes, I dream.  I dream that instead of being full of creative ideas I can actually create, like a real artist.

My dreams are scary, exciting, beautiful and inspiring.  Are they of God -  I know if He wants to speak to me that way He certainly could.  I imagine instead that they are mostly of my own making, things I worry about, things of this world that won't matter or even exist a few years from now.

And so this project did make me think - it did make me pray, and I guess that's the most you can ask of any project.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed this a lot! Very uplifting.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed this a lot. Was very uplifting. Thanks!