Friday, October 19, 2012

ya just never know

Jackie trying very hard to be patient and Godly
as she waits to find out if we can get another flight.
(we tried to behave)
(I know, you're worried that big backpack will
tip Jackie over backward?  I'll let you know!)
So....I should be arriving in Arizona right now but, our flight got canceled in Columbus.  So my amazing hubby is on his way BACK to Columbus to get me and my buddy Jackie!

Other passengers in line asked us why the flight was canceled.  They asked, "did it break down?  Is there a horrible storm somewhere?  Did something serious happen to cancel? It must be mechanical failure...."

Actually no, it's toilet failure.

Yes, that's right - it's because of the toilets not working on board!  You understand, this could ONLY happen to me...ya just never know!

One passenger was heard saying, "they can put a man on the moon but they can't fix toilets?"  Lame indeed!

Needless to say, I'm exhausted and have a headache, BUT I am safe and I will start watching immediately to see why God decided we needed to be home for a couple more days.

He is good ALL the time!

(And, I'm going to drive everyone crazy at Crossroads tomorrow night!  ha ha ha!!)

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