Friday, September 28, 2012

what I saw today

I saw the road in ways I haven't seen it since the days we once rode motorcycles - up close!  My hubby got his old Willy jeep running so we took a ride.  I could see every crack, hole and bump on the asphalt just a couple of feet below us due to the fact it has no doors. I saw beautiful trees and horses and people walking and heard talking and laughing.  I wasn't closed inside a vehicle - I was moving yet outside.  It was a blast, but, seriously I didn't think I'd ever get my hair combed out!

A little later I was sitting at a store waiting for my hubby to come out and noticed this tree that was absolutely swarming with at least 40 birds.  They constantly moved from branch to branch as if they were playing a game of tag.  It was fascinating to watch.

I try to pay attention to what is going on around me but I wonder how many things I missed today - will I every get a second chance to see them? 

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