Saturday, October 13, 2012

our first love

As I enjoyed a Saturday at home for probably the first time in a month or longer, I opened up a study on Revelation 2:1-7 where it talks about 'our first love' - the love for the Lord that burns brighter than earthly things that distract us.

When we hang on to grudges, hurts or jealousy we CANNOT experience our first, burning passion for our God.  Beth Moore says in her study of John, "We cannot hang on to our sacred romance with Jesus Christ and also our bitterness.  WE WILL RELEASE ONE TO HANG ON TO THE OTHER."

To not live as if we love Him more than all else causes us to lose our Godly influence on the lost and hurting.   The reason we/the church exists.

Do I see all that cross my path through a burning love of Jesus Christ?

Can I say He's ever been my first love based on how I live and love?

I want that kind of love so that nothing around me distracts me from Him and how He needs me to love the lost and hurting.  I want an "indescribably glorious sacred romance" with Him.  For this relationship is the only one that will endure forever and unchanging.

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