Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paolo Soleri

Today we visited the Cosanti and Arcosanti galleries - spectacular!

Cosanti was designed by world-renowned architectural innovator Paolo Soleri.  It features terraced landscaping with experimental earth-formed concrete structures.  And everywhere you look are countless bronze and ceramic wind bells!  Oh how I wanted to take one back to Ohio.

Unfortunately my suitcase is already WAY over loaded so I'll order on-line when I get home.
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The above bells were my favorite, they were on sale for $12,000.  ( I have good taste)  Anyway, while I was looking at them one of the artisans walked by and asked me if I was interested in them.  I laughed and said yes, but couldn't afford them.   He said it was one of the final carvings that Paolo would ever do because he was very elderly and unable to carve now.  He also said a gentleman was on his way to buy it as we spoke - think he was nervous I was going to pitch a fit and want to buy it.

 As I walked on I saw beautiful objects and very imaginative architectural marvels.  Fascinating!  A great day experiencing beautiful places in Arizona!

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