Sunday, October 21, 2012

we are here

A breathtaking site if you had been through what we've been through!
Jackie and I finally arrived in Arizona!

This is where the majority of my time will be spent...
well, wouldn't you??

We were picked up by her son Doug (a blessing - someone that knows where he's going) and quickly we arrived at his AMAZING home!  Yes, this is a private home with it's own island...we're really going to suffer here I can tell!

And a little added bonus is their darling dog all dressed up for Trick or Treat.  See how he loves it so!

Look how lovingly he looks at me!

Next we headed off to see his shop.  Now this isn't just any shop - he is featured continuously in the hot rod magazines and does incredible things with beautiful priceless cars.  He even creates his own paint colors - completely custom (ignore Jackie's huge smile of pride - shameful!) ha ha

The paint room - all the cans shake at once to mix properly!
A gorgeous creation - it will be entered in a major competition soon!

This is pure art and brilliant ability!  AND spotless - just beautiful!  (I love old cars!)

Then it was off to shop for our dinner (I hear that Doug is as good of a cook as his mother !)  Can't wait!  I love home cooked food and a good 'ole competition! Let it begin!

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