Tuesday, October 9, 2012

what I learned today

I realized as the day drew to a close that I hadn't invested time in learning anything today.  That didn't make me proud - I will definitely get into the Word before sleeping, but can't claim any real study time.

Nevertheless I learned a few things.

As my hubby and I worked with a young couple preparing for marriage this evening, I was reminded despite being married for 33 years, I still have a lot to learn.  It never ends, and it is a hidden blessing within  serving them that we benefit too.

They dream of what will be and we get to help them honestly look at areas that can cause conflict and problems down the road, all the while remembering we need to apply the same principals to our own lives.  They are ageless lessons.

God brought something else to my attention today,  I learned that I harbor animosity toward someone from my past.  A person I once counted as a close friend who I no longer see but still am very upset with.

Think logically with me for a moment...does that hurt the person I'm not happy with, or me?  They are probably clueless I'm even still bothered by it and further more don't care.  So guess what - once again I am reminded as God brought it to my mind  - it only hurts me and causes me to sin.  It is MY responsibility as a Christ follower to forgive AND to forget.

And so I choose to let it go.

I did learn something today after all!  Now if I can just remember them tomorrow!

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