Wednesday, October 10, 2012

praises and prayers

It's crazy how many extremes can come within the same day!

We got a call this morning from a friend saying her husband had a heart attack - immediate prayers began and it appears he is stable and in a few days will have surgery.  We are SO thankful that we didn't lose this dear friend!   I've just remained in a constant state of prayer as I find myself continuously thinking of him!

I just got off the phone with my doctors office asking if I can be at their office in the morning - they had a cancellation!  I almost screamed the word YES into the phone.  My regular appointment wasn't scheduled until early November.  I GET TO DRIVE AGAIN!  It has been 6 months since my seizure and to think I can be released this early to drive is such a blessing!

I may just fill my car with gas and drive until it's empty!   Not really, but, I'm so excited!

This is just a regular day.  ups and downs. praises and prayers. answers and questions.

The song that has been in my head all day long is

"On Christ the solid Rock I stand 
all other ground is sinking sand..."

May this day end in praise as we worship God, the Solid Rock, for never changing and being the one constant in our days.

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