Saturday, October 6, 2012

my hubby's laugh

This morning we once again served by 'parking' cars at the Prairie Peddler - a local Fall festival.

Several of us on the Go Missions team, spread across a large field showing cars where they should park.  I was quite a distance away from my hubby when I heard his laughter.

I turned to see what he was laughing at and saw him talking and laughing with another group of total strangers.

This man has the ability to turn a stranger into a friend faster then anyone I've ever known.

As I watched him, I gave thanks for him.  Some guys I've known over the years just aren't friendly toward people they don't know, they're too busy to care for others or too into their own interests to spend time helping people.  He enjoys talking to anyone, and I'm very, very thankful for that!

Tonight at Crossroads I heard him laugh with friends.  And I watched him smile when our daughter helped lead worship.

God brought us together to complete one another, to compliment one another and to enjoy one another.

I am a woman greatly blessed and I hope to never take even a laugh for granted!

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