Tuesday, April 10, 2012

what I learned today

As my husband and I sat enjoying breakfast at a resturant this morning, my aunt and uncle walked in.

We greeted one another and she mentioned she had just come from the doctors.  She was having back trouble.  What she said next has stayed with me most of the day.

She said that her nurse had just told her that the office has been hearing lately that at some point doctors are no longer going to treat patients over 60.  She was obviously upset.

If this is truly being discussed, I would assume it will be explained as  a necessity  to cut back on health costs.  I am 6 years away from 60 myself, and I have family and friends over that age that deserve to be treated when necessary!  It bothered me to hear that this came from a medical professional.

This is far from a political matter, it is a matter of a country that has strayed far from it's roots and Christian values.

I captured my troubled thoughts and gave them up to the Lord.  What I learned today was simple things I take for granted now may not always be there for me, but I have a peace that passes ALL understanding.

Our sinful world is a mess and it just leads me to again say over and over, "Come Lord Jesus Come"!

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