Thursday, April 26, 2012

the report

I met with the Neurologist today.  Again confirmed, I had a seizure several days ago.

Various tests today, still one tomorrow.

It is looking at this point as if they won't be able to pin point the exact cause, although some friends suggest my years of soccer could be a contributing factor!

Other friends are convinced it was brought on by lack of sleep and stress.  Didn't think I was that uptight (no comments please! )

Regardless of the cause, my prayer is that it is just a one time event.

The verdict?  No driving for 6 months.  If another seizure?  No driving for 6 months from that day.

The impact?  Tonight my husband had to go grocery shopping with me!  ha ha ha!!

We are of course GREATLY BLESSED by working together.

Although a loss of independence is quite a change for sure  dependence on Him... well, that should be something I constantly practice!

I completely trust my Creator.

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