Thursday, April 19, 2012

back at it

I am back to work.  I am finding out just how common these seizures are - many of my friends had stories about having them too!  Who knew!

I really think mine comes from a lack of sleep - I don't have trouble sleeping (sleep like a log), I just stay up too late and don't go to bed.  I am thankful that I can make this change.

I always felt as long as I practiced good nutrition (most of the time (:  ) and exercised and took vitamins, sleep wasn't that important.  WRONG.

God even demonstrated the importance of rest when He finished creating!  So I have pledged to go to bed earlier at night and not to be out running around or working.

In the past couple of days since my seizure, I find I cherish things and people just a little bit more.  Why does it take an 'episode' to cause us not to take for granted?  Just selfish I guess.

My prayer is that whatever this ends up being (if anything), that God is glorified through me, my words and decisions and that even this one incident will move me more toward Him and the center of His Will.

Whatever it takes Lord.

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