Saturday, April 7, 2012

waiting to begin

I thought I would spend the last few minutes before the teams begin to arrive in our auditorium preparing my own heart for what is about to take place at Crossroads.

I believe what is about to take place here is life-change this weekend.

I pray for those who have been invited, I have heard a few stories from people that are excited about those they have invited who are planning to attend.

I pray for our teams, that all the rehearsal and preparation will be evident in their disappearance into worship.  A disappearance made possible only with diligent preparation and pure motives focused on serving the Lord only!

And I pray for people God brings to my mind that are troubled this weekend, wrestling with their relationship with God.

I pray for a woman who I have known all of her life that I just learned has had two abortions.  The guilt is paralyzing.  Can God forgive this sin?  Absolutely - that is my prayer, that she realizes my sins are just as wrong as hers are.

I pray for members of my own immediate family that are struggling with relationships and are in a season of sadness.

We are just moments away from the congregation pouring into our Easter services, my prayer is that they will all clearly see, it doesn't matter what sin they have in their lives.  The resurrection of God's Son causes all of that to be forgotten if we simply come to Him.

I will see you all very soon.  May we all experience a renewed understanding of the RESCUE God offers each of us!

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