Saturday, April 14, 2012


I not only got to see Gungor perform Thursday night in Canton, unknown to me it was standing only.  So I stood 6" from Lisa Gungor!  A blessing to watch!!

Mansfield is very difficult to draw to an event or show, but this band would fill Crossroads.  I hope to someday bring them here.

You may remember our Beautiful Things video from last Easter, that song is a Gungor song, it was beautiful last night!!

This video is now nearing 85,000 views on You Tube.  It has been a great encouragement to all of us who worked on last year's Easter project to see the public's response - God works in mysterious ways.  He gave us creative minds and ability and this video proves when you bring artists, videographers, writers and actors together it can move people in ways that the spoken word alone sometimes cannot.

The thing I love about Gungor is that they authentically worship using the most amazing musicianship  I've ever seen!  They perform for the Lord - I was fully engaged in worship!

Michael Gungor on the right, Lisa his wife on the left

Lisa Gungor

Lisa Gungor playing one of 6 or more instruments she used during the evening!

Lead singer of the Brilliance which opened for Gungor.  I am told he is Michael Gungor's brother?
I was very thankful for a creative night of music/worship that I could attend where I was not be in charge of anything!

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