Sunday, April 15, 2012

weekend report

We began a series about the differences between Islam and Christianity.  It was packed!  This was a much anticipated series - how awesome to have the opportunity to teach the truth of God's precious Scriptures!!

It's awesome to have so many people in attendance that our 'counters' had to use binoculars!!! Now that's any awesome problem to have!  God is good!

Our setlist:

Announcements on Video:  One of our interns shot the announcements on video using one of the broadcast students on his campus.  That saved my Tech Coordinator about 4 hours of work!  YAY Interns!

Praise:     The Only One - Tomlin
Praise:     This I Know -    New Life
Worship:  Your Name -    New Life
Worship:  All To Us    -     Tomlin
Praise:      I Will Boast -    Garrett

Message:  Islam and Christianity - Pastor Tim Armstrong

Exit Song:  I Will Boast  - Garrett

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