Monday, April 9, 2012

my day off

I slept until 9:30.  That says it all...I was exhausted!  Such a blessing to have an empty calendar this morning!

Really nothing too special to report - I thoroughly gave thanks for the ordinary today.  Just a plain day working in the flower beds, catching up on laundry, cooking dinner...then something extraordinary happened!

A dream came true!

Milo's dream of recording a completely original praise CD at Crossroads began tonight.

Although they certainly didn't need me there I could not resist - just taking a peak!   I was so impressed with not only what I heard, but what I saw.  Unity, common purpose and brothers and sisters using their God given talents to write original music and then to do all the work required to record so that others may worship!

Truly a Dream Come True!  So exciting!

The make-shift studio!

Mike Knell recording!
Jocelyn and Scott on opposite sides of the door - studio window!

Melissa singing her heart out - beautiful!
In between songs - the guys prepare!

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