Monday, April 30, 2012

my day off

My day is backward - still haven't had a chance to sit and read and study....coming soon this evening!

We blasted off this morning to run a particularly large list of errands.  That list completed and groceries in car we headed home.

Now meatloaf and potatoes await beside the stove as the oven reaches temperature...very exciting! ha

While everything bakes, I'm heading out to dig in my flower gardens again.  Not really accomplishing much until we find time to mulch - maybe it's just therapeutic - whatever!  I ADORE flowers outside!!!

I guess this is what day's off are - a cross between the relaxation that comes with the week's errands run and the periods within the same day that allow stops, and rests, and reading.

I didn't miss driving at all today - because I rode around with my handsome husband and talked and laughed and ate and  Perfect!

Hope your day was also simple and amazing!

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