Thursday, April 26, 2012

to boss or not

I have been intrigued my whole life by people who are abel to be the boss without being bossy!

I was doing some tough self-examination today.

I care deeply about being a good manager.

My secular work career was scarred by people for the most part that were bosses only because of appointment to a position.  It had nothing to do with earning leadership, it was mostly about corporate ladders and inside friendships - or female quotas to fill.  Sad to say the least.

Good leaders (like the ones I follow these days) are easy to follow.  You know clearly 'where' you're going and what is expected, but far beyond that you get to know the 'why' instead of "because I said so".  There is purpose behind where we go and an urgency in the journey.

The urgency comes from the 'why'.  We are called to point others toward the throne and personal spiritual maturity with our Savior.

Time is short - ministry is a season and the harvest is incredibly eternal and forever significant.

I am not only describing the opportunities that belong to those of us working within the ministry  - each of you are just as responsible where the Lord has you daily!  What if you really are the only person in someone's life that knows the Lord - that can point them toward Him?  Please point daily!  It doesn't take perfection - it only takes authenticity in your personal walk with Christ.  There are all kinds of fake 'feel good' things, only one real walk.

I need to change my focus from just urgent details - to urgent lives I cross paths with.  The amazing volunteers at Crossroads, my fellow staff members and especially the incredibly dedicated Magnification staff.

Being a boss to anyone is a huge responsibility and I feel like I need to do so much better at it.

 I am willing - with God's continued help I pray I am able in Him!!

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