Friday, April 20, 2012

can you speak honestly

My kids' generation speaks much more honestly than mine.  In their music, in their conversations in their questions.  They honestly seek God too - not as a protection, not as a crutch or a buddy.  They seek Him - Almighty God - Yahweh.  I am learning from them.

It does  no one any favors not to speak and live honestly.  The time I've wasted beating around the bush, the round-about-way...shameful.

Why is honesty difficult, I don't lie but sometimes I him-haw around so much you can't tell which way is up by the time I answer!  Always living in fear of hurting someone's feelings or discouraging someone.

I LONG more than I can say to point the way to the Savior - CLEARLY - without getting in the way, without reciting rules, or opinion.

He knows the deep, hidden desires of my heart.  They are for HIM.

Do You know we are watching you pretending?
You seemed so well on the other side of the glass wall.
You call it loving, we call it lying

These are lyrics from one of the La De Les' songs.  I think they could be applied to any of our lives.  People are watching - dying to know and hear truth...

I want to proclaim truth with every breath I take...

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