Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my day off

I heard someone say today, "vacation is not a luxury, rather something we need, time away to detach, withdraw, replenish..." I obviously didn't blog yesterday and considered taking a week off, but I find I miss writing too much. It's not that I have profound things to say, I just need to get thoughts out, written down, and organized instead of being globs of letters, words and sentences floating in my brain.

Today like many days I found myself surrounded by young adults, college students. They discussed the future, their plans, art, music and the desires of their hearts. They are ready at a moments notice to give opinions, share even risky ideas, they have more confidence than I possibly ever have had. Some are already leaders in their areas of study poised to create brand new never before thought of things. I watch and listen and can hardly contain my excitement as they plan and dream.

I am forced to look closely at my own life asking if I have followed through on the ideas of my youth. Do youthful thoughts only belong to those starting out, or can we dream too? Does God give dreams to middle aged people - dreams He wants fulfilled? Or are they simply moments of imagining and glimpses of what might have been?

I hope we never get too old for God ideas...could he be waiting for us to dream big enough so it can be recognized as God's? Our dreams must go with us into our everyday jobs and responsibilities - we need them with us where they can become something that inspires everyone to go off to dream their own God given dreams. The young do not own the only dreams and ideas-I have my own - do you?

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Michelle said...

Bruce Wilkinson's book, The Dream Giver, addresses this very topic. God has given us gifts, talents, desires and dreams in our youth and even if they weren't acted upon, those dreams are still there! If we will surrender our dreams to the Dream Giver - watch out!!!