Wednesday, March 31, 2010

our staff preparing

Easter takes a lot of preparation to make sure the incredible message is clearly proclaimed - we take this very seriously!

But today we took an hour to enjoy one another! Our staff is divided in half and every other month we take turns providing a carry in lunch! Our Easter lunch was SO excellent! Can you believe the talented chefs we have? Of course a certain unnamed - ornery pastor cut a rather large cube right out of the center of the gorgeous bunny cake!

Just when we thought it was time to get back to work, Jesse (youth guy) jumped up and said we were
dividing up on teams to go on an Easter egg hunt!

Now, we all knew who would win... Deering located one hidden egg after another and led the Directors to victory! And so after excellent food and fellowship we went back to our work and are all looking forward to what we pray will be a life changing weekend for many, many people!

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