Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cheap is good

Did any of you Kroger shoppers get 3 coupons in the mail for free items at Kroger? Although Kroger is possibly my favorite grocery store I don't often go because their prices are higher. However, when I get coupons in the mail for totally free items, that gets my attention.

Last night I ran in for a couple things with one of our son's band members Bryant in tow and as I checked out even the cashier was amazed at my 'free' coupons. She complained loudly that "she had never received anything like these" - in a funny way!

Even Bryant commented as a total of 4 items were deducted among my other coupon discounts.

This is what I got free.

Kroger Carrots
Full sized Crest Toothpaste
Hellmans Mayo
Frosted Flakes (my hubby's favorite!)

Some of the other items I needed, I checked the prices of but didn't purchase because I knew I could get them cheaper somewhere else - so if I go prepared with a list and coupons are already pulled I am not easily tempted to buy anything I don't HAVE to have at that moment.

Based on that, I wonder how worth while it is for the stores to give free coupons away? Us coupons girls, we are pretty stingy and not easily tempted!! ha ha

QUESTION: when you go to the store for their bargains or to use their store coupons - do you spend a lot of additional money or stick to the deals??

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