Monday, March 15, 2010

my day off

  • check up - while I was at doctors hubby had to get his car jumped - dead battery
  • breakfast with hubby
  • drove to Ashland to get tires from my parents - no one had the jack we needed - back home
  • began to paint - nephews came - stopped painting
  • dinner at mother-in-laws
  • home - painted until now
Just a regular day. Nothing spectacular.


  • good blood pressure - other tests looked good - thankful for good health
  • excellent breakfast and saw 4 friends: Photographer from our wedding, old high school friend and Crossroads buddies
  • even though we couldn't get the tires today, we had a fun visit with my parents
  • got a base coat of paint on upstairs bathroom walls so it could dry while we went to dinner
  • great porkchops! and watched my mother-in-law open her 80th birthday gifts
  • got second base coat on walls before bed
Perspective: the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one

Everyday we have a choice... do we see our day through a God coated perspective no matter what happens? Or a negative selfish earthly perspective?? Don't waste even one day. Your choice.

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Steve Browning said...

Great way to put your day into the right perspective. I'll try to remember this philosophy myself!