Saturday, February 27, 2010

my husband is home

FINALLY the Asia's Hope team returned! I am so thankful - praising the Lord for a life changing trip for this group of Crossroadians'! (That's slang for a team from Crossroads that just returned from Cambodia and Thailand yesterday).

How amazing to travel around the world and show God's love in practical ways as they showered the previously unvisited orphanage with belated Christmas gifts from all the people at Crossroads that sponsor them!

Reports include one little boy that was completely hidden from view by the size of his gifts! They love receiving gifts - but the love they GIVE back far, far outweighs anything we can possibly give.

So exciting to hear the stories of how Crossroads' love is changing these children's lives clear across the world!! Thanks Crossroads sponsors!

And - so glad to have hubby back safe and sound too!

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