Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Tonight we had a dance audition planned at Crossroads. I was very encouraged when we had close to 12 dancers that signed up to come.

As time drew closer, one by one they dropped out - one guy said his girlfriend signed him up as a joke (that was actually really funny!) one student had too much homework, volleyball practice, not feeling well, and some probably just forgot. Regardless the conflict we ended up with only 3 dancers. They danced to the music and then sat and talked a while and now when we see one another in the crowded halls at Crossroads we will know these new friends.

When things seem to fall apart you can either get discouraged or force yourself to find God's intentions. That is what we did.

Kari - the ballerina we have used the most often through the years at Crossroads, came to help me, as well as one of my dearest little girlfriends Shanna. I watched as they talked, evaluated dancers and then we invited Kari to join our drama small group. Exactly what God intended.

Tonight may not have been about dancers at all - it ended up being about new connections - possible ways to use dance in the children's areas, on ministry teams and new small group members.

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