Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what I learned today

John 4:11
The woman said to him, "Sir you have nothing to draw water with and the well is deep"....

This story will be part of our Easter services in two weeks.

I got to witness true humility today as the Crossroads Artist Small Group discussed their ongoing battle to enjoy and share their talents while constantly examining their hearts for pride. This discussion has been an ongoing one as I ask the artists to take a more visible role in some of our services.

I love their reluctance to display their talent publicly, to have the kind of talent they do and also to desire to please the Lord is such an encouragement to me each time we meet. I am blessed by their Godly spirit as well as amazed at their God given talents!

These pictures show some of the Easter sketches and preparations.

I learned today it IS possible to be very talented and still be humble before the Lord!

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