Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what I learned today

I got girls! Girlfriends that is. Some of us girls from Crossroads meet once a month for breakfast! As I got caught up with each one it dawned on me that we are girlfriends!

Girlfriends had been a terrifying term to me in the past, it usually conjured up visions of constant talking, gossip, looooong telephone conversations (I HATE to talk on the phone...texting in the greatest invention known to mankind!), neediness - you get the idea of my former opinion of girlfriends. But times have changed.

Everyone is buys, everyone seems more confident and it has become a mutually giving and receiving relationship now with all my girls! I know if I needed them they would all be at my home immediately but we give one another space in between times of need. How blessed am I?

So after I finished hangin' with the girls I stopped to make yet another 'deal of the century coupon purchase' and another one of my girlfriends called and said she just saw me in the parking lot where I was digging through my coupons. She talked for a while - saying very encouraging things to me and continued on her way...

I know many people out there are very lonely. If you are willing to take a word of advise I would say this. Be mutually giving in your relationships, don't just take - give too! By that I mean, respect your friends family time, don't monopolize their days off, limit phone calls unless you really need to convey a message and when you do talk be encouraging, not always needy! I think these few guidelines will go a long way to create new strong friendships that you will both benefit from.

Today I learned, I have a whole lot of great girls around me and I thank my God that I could go to any one of them just to hang out or in a time of need! I am blessed!

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