Sunday, March 21, 2010

weekend report

We came to the end of the current series Deconstruction/Reconstruction - a terrific series from Ephesians.


Preservice praise: Empty Me - Jeremy Camp
Preservice praise: Thy Mercy - Caedmons Call
Praise: All To You - Brewster
Praise: Draw Me Close - Kutless
Announcements: Wendell Anderson - Stewardship Pastor
Worship: How Great Is Our God - Tomlin
Worship: The Wonderful Cross - Tomlin
Message: Deconstruction/Reconstruction Pt. 10
Exit song: Thy Mercy

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Michael J Mahoney said...

I love "Empty Me." We used to do it all the time. (although our congregation always calls it "Holy Fire") Great, simple, catchy.

That's a great list. Bet it was awesome!

Bkwestman said...

Great set list. I love "Empty Me", but I haven't used it yet in a service. I'll have to remember that one. Thanks!