Wednesday, March 31, 2010

cheap is good

I bought a Dove Hair Conditioner product that was on sale for $4.00 and used a #1.50 off coupon, and received a $4.00 Walgreen bucks back!

I then took my Walgreen bucks to another Walgreen and purchased a $5.00 - 12 pack of Scott toilet paper using a $1.00 off Walgreen coupon and got it for FREE except .34 cents tax! The clerk said it was the lowest sale she had ever made!

I went back the next day for another Dove Hair conditioner and now have Walgreen bucks = $4.00 that I'm going back to get something that my hubby asked for today, FREE! YAY - so fun.

I actually did quite a bit of couponing this week - Snuggle Fabric Softener and dryer sheet deals, Hasbro games at Toys R Us and on and on!

PLEASE share your best deal this week - because with Easter coming I cannot spend anymore time this week looking for deals! Can you help all of us!! Thanks!

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