Sunday, March 28, 2010

weekend report


Today we used a video that we shot using one veteran actor, (Maureen Browning our Drama Team Leader), and two actors new to Crossroads! The concept/script came from The Skit Guys - one of our favorite drama sites right now. PLEASE watch this video to see how we advertised our Easter services next weekend.

Our Set List:

We kicked off our set with 2 originals that we performed as people entered the auditorium! I am so proud of our writers!

Beautiful Savior - Crossroads
My God, My King (You Reign) - Crossroads
Video: Easter Invite
Announcements: Pastor Tim
Praise: One Way - Hillsong
Praise: King Of Majesty - Hillsong
Worship: All For Love - Hillsong United
Worship: Amazed - Brewster
Message: More Than A Story -Jesse Rider, Sr. High Pastor
Special Music: Untitled Hymn - Chris Rice
Message conclusion
Praise Reprise: Amazed

To see what other ministries used in their setlists - go to

To watch our services on Monday -go to


Doug Thorsvik said...


Thanks for the feedback on my setlist. It's great to see you are doing some home grown songs! Have a blessed Easter Sunday; Brad is leading, so I get to relax and play the bass.


Anonymous said...

Great set! Love the video too!