Friday, March 12, 2010

ugly space

For all the joking we do about how bad our weather is, this area of Ohio is absolutely beautiful. A couple of my friends were saying today they could not live somewhere that stayed hot most of the year and I completely agree. I love our seasons. With all of our wooded areas, beautiful hills and valleys there is an abundance of wildlife and plenty of room for all the creatures to live.

This leads me to ask, why would any bird choose to live in this empty, ugly space in my wall when they could live in a gorgeous tree or bush? They had to tear through the covered area to even gain access...I have no idea how they even knew it was there. The mess they made below their new home was evidence of how hard they had been working.

AGAIN I ask, how could anyone not believe in intelligent design by an imaginative, creative, meticulous, perfect creator? The detail of God's nature is so magnificent I will never stop watching in awe of Him as I see all of His creatures preparing for spring. Very cool!

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