Sunday, January 25, 2009

weekend report

Tweaks on Saturday. Even more amazing on Sunday. God showed up!

Although I've been designing the services for 11 years now, I still cherish each weekend! Brand new every time. Here is the set list we used this weekend.

I Will Boast

Mighty To Save - Story


Our God Reigns

Indescribable- Tomlin live

special: Beautiful Lord - Leeland

Message: Contentment pt. 4

Announcements: demonstrating our new data base, Community Builder, live with computer action on stage.

Dismiss - back into Mighty To Save

If you would like to watch our service, it will be on line by Monday afternoon, click here.

Each weekend you can visit Fred McKinnon's blog to see what other ministries used in their services all over the world!!


Anonymous said...

Wow...Mighty to Save keeps popping up this week. What a powerful song and declaration for His people to be making across this land.

Me... said...

I love the song Hungry haven't done it in a while.. but it's one of my all time favorites

Steff said...

We did "Mighty to Save" this weekend also! I'm glad I got the memo. Lol.
Love Leeland's Beautiiful Lord!