Sunday, January 18, 2009

weekend report

Many changes = thematic support of the teaching

When we met Saturday night following the service to critique what worked and what didn't and what changes to be made, we made many. We completely eliminated the opening song, started the Sunday services a couple minutes later and tweaked the transitions between songs. Pastor Tim also jumped on stage explaining to our audience that they were singing to their God, and they needed to get excited about it! Cool!

Here is the FINAL setlist:

We ran a purchased worship video when the first song was performed to help focus our congregation on worship... the song was then repeated inviting the audience to join in.

Stay Amazed

My Grace Is Sufficient

Now That You're Near

Everlasting God

Shout out to our worship team's flexibility when we feel like a last minute change will improve the package! God blessed us this weekend!!

If you would like to watch our service, you can see it on Monday HERE.

If you want to see what other ministries around the country are doing go to


David said...

My wife and I were talking about Now That You're Near just 2 days ago, saying how it was never done anymore...but you've proved us wrong. Thank you, and God bless :-)

Steff said...

I don't think I've ever heard "Stay Amazed" or "My Grace Is Sufficient". I'll have to check them out!

Michael J Mahoney said...

Lot of people doing "Everlasting God" this week.

Looks like a good list. Very cool.