Saturday, January 10, 2009

here it comes

No offense to those meteorologists out there, but do you sometimes wonder what the percentage is on the accuracy of their weather predictions? Well, today they got it right and here it comes! I just saw a Cleveland bus go by delivering skiers to the ski lodge beside our house. Crazy skiers, wonder if they'll be able to get back home??

Well, I for one welcome a snowy, quiet, winter retreat today. I'm very tired, even though I slept 9 hours!! I think that probably means I did too much this week. It's funny, we always blamed the kids for being too busy, but without them home there are no parameters at all on our time...not good in our case. We really need to commit to one day each week free from ministry - with personal/home to-dos or we are probably going to burn out...or our house is going to deteriorate! No one puts these expectations on us, we just love it and aren't good at resting. I'll work on that rest concept this week... I'll begin today!

So I begin today with one simple goal...sitting on the couch, watch the snow and learn how to operate my new phone before I drive everyone crazy that keeps trying to contact me.

Are any of you outside of our Mansfield, Ohio area getting storms today?

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