Monday, January 5, 2009

my day off

Today Christmas finally ends.

Empty Christmas Kleenex boxes tossed, gift boxes neatly collapsed and stored for next year, kids packed up and sent back to college, left overs pitched (so I haven't cleaned my frig yet - give me a break!) and thank yous completed.

Now to address the normal things I have neglected. Piles of ironing, groceries just for "two" purchased, groceries that will actually last a full week because no herds of twenty-somethings passing through our kitchen. Back to whatever schedule my husband and I agree on as opposed to waiting around to maybe catch one of our kids for a meal out, or a full conversation. (Their friends trump us in these areas these days, but, that is as it should be. We just have to remember we no longer need to make our plans based on theirs. That is a habit hard to break.)

So was Christmas what I hoped it would be?

The holiday far exceeded my expectations at Crossroads - Christmas Eve really hit the hearts of our people! I am still thanking God for that night and the messages leading up to that night.

As far as expectations on the personal side...Our kids were great, thankful, fully present when we were with extended family and still even at their age excited about Christmas itself. So I really couldn't have asked for more, but it definitely WAS NOT RESTFUL, which was one aspect I was hoping for.

On my day off, I had to wonder as I pitched the Christmas Kleenex box if it hurts Him that even believers participate in the secular hype of what Christmas has become? I don't know...

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