Saturday, January 10, 2009

last minute changes

How do you feel when you have planned and prepared and there are last minute changes? How do you react? Would you say that someones reaction to last minute changes reflects a persons level of spiritual maturity?

This week someone found a song that was the perfect ending to the teaching. This was two weeks after the team's music packets had gone out. A last minute change. But in typical fashion our worship leader, Dan Fleming prepared the music and he and Milo got it out to the band and vocalists.

As we ran through the pre-service sound check tonight we felt it just didn't have the 'feel' that we needed at the end of the message where we had planned to use it. We discussed this with our worship leaders telling them how much we appreciated their preparation, but it was different than we expected. What could we do to simplify it and make it a little more reflective instead of so dynamic and big? They said they'd take a shot at making it what we needed during the run through and if it still wasn't right, we'd save it for a different time. By the time they did the run through, Dan and Milo our two worship leaders had switched the singer, pulled some of the band out of the mix (remember the band prepared last minute this week to accommodate this song), they had the whole song quieter, simpler and exactly what Pastor Tim needed to support his teaching.

Our Magnification staff in the worship area as well as tech, simply work and serve out of obedience to their calling. They don't care what you throw at them if it enhances the message in any way. They are humble, talented, dedicated and live out their calling every time they prepare and lead a service.

The ending song was amazing and honestly could not have been a better support then it was. God is powerful enough to bless equally in meticulously planned detail or last minute changes.

3 comments: said...

I wholeheartedly agree! We are blessed beyond measure to have Dan & Milo as our Worship Leaders. It is a privileged to minister alongside such humble godly men. You're not too bad yourself Lori!

Perky Gramma Teaches said...

So what does magnification ministry include?
I'd like to hear more.
Our team does the creative design elements.
I'm just starting a blog carnival on Thursday called creative fuZion where we are sharing various styles of creative elements we have done, are doing or simply dream about doing.
Would love to have you share what you are doing.

Lori Biddle said...

Hi Dorothy,

Our Magnification Department includes: Vocalists, Band members, Roadie Team (sets the stage), Lighting Team, Sound Team, Video Team, Creative Arts Team (various art displays - operates as a small group), Drama team actors. I supervise 2 worship directors, 1 Tech Coordinator and 1 part time Sound guy. We oversee around 135 volunteers.