Sunday, January 11, 2009

ministry within ministry

This weekend was very interesting. I got to spend very little time with my teams compared to a normal weekend due to people that needed to talk and needed reassurance and comfort.

As I walked across our Town Square I watched as the Crossroads staff ministered to our people. This is ministry within the ministry. Sadly many of our attendees never get to experience the inside ministry. Many seem to think the ministry is only about coming in and going back out.

I talked to several people struggling with unimaginable decisions, illness and heartache. This is the real ministry, when you get to see into their eyes, feel their pain and wonder what you could possibly say that could make a difference. Then you wonder why God thinks you can do this. But, you know you are called, no doubt about it and you have no choice but to continue in obedience.

Ministry within ministry, hidden, quiet, difficult, constant, exhausting, rewarding, eternal

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