Friday, January 23, 2009

another cold blast

This weekend they are predicting another below freezing 'arctic' weekend! How much cold can we take? I have heard a couple of my friends talking about how grouchy some of their family members become when there are so many cold, cloudy days. Poor things!

I personally, LOVE the seasons. I would not want to live in a place that stayed warm year round, although right about now warm sounds very inviting!! I was just commenting to my husband today about how much I prefer that it stay could enough NOT to melt the snow, melting, brown ugly snow is much more depressing to me than bright white! So I'm thankful that if we have to have snow, we keep the snow and that it not melt to mud.

Last night we were talking at small group about creation, and the amazing variety and detail with which God blessed the earth. He could have just created one earth that forever would just have the same temperature, same terrain, same vegetation, same animals everywhere but He chose variety. Variety in all things, God seems to love it and so do I!

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