Thursday, January 8, 2009

art reclaimed

We are reclaiming the arts for God!

I am pumped! We launched the new art group that I have been talking about endlessly, and it far exceeded my expectations! I thought I knew all the people that were coming! Wrong!! It was the coolest group of people!

I felt totally out of my comfort zone trying to lead these talented, experienced, creative artists! We talked about how scripture is full of amazing descriptive passages, we talked about God as Creator and we talked about how much the church needs artists. They seemed encouraged and excited to be together. One lady told me she "felt like she came home tonight". Another told me she had tried small groups before and just felt like she didn't fit.

We talked about their art backgrounds, how they feel when they don't have a creative outlet, and then we talked about field trips, and art classes and experiences we could do as a group! This was an exciting night and I am still praising God for the artists He brought to us, the artists He loves so much. The artists that He created to create!

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