Saturday, January 17, 2009


When do you feel supported? When someone agrees with everything you say? When someone compliments your work? When people put you first, when friends remember to call, when they send you cards, remember your birthday?

When I feel supported I feel as if I am capable of great things. When I am not, I become my own worst enemy, second guessing myself.

So, whose support do I need, or do I want? My boss? My husband, kids, parents, friends? God's?

It is great to feel supported, I accomplish my best work when I feel this way. But, what if you don't get the support you want, do you give up, quit? I think we honor God when we support one another. It simply means being available, paying attention, watching for opportunities to help and support. Everyone needs to feel supported, God never intended for us to do life alone.

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