Wednesday, January 14, 2009

snow, snow go away

Snow hit again forcing us to close down another MidWeek service! Last week we missed Communion, this week we missed the beginning of the "Hosea" series! Disappointing!

Well, as soon as we got the word everyone began to prepare to leave. We tried to catch volunteers before they left for church and put up signs on the doors and cleaned up. The clean up included distributing the donuts that our cafe would have sold...a big sacrifice, but, someone had to do it.

Pastor Tim did the distributing...Jon and Deering did their best to help 'clean up'! Deering Dyer is our Small Group guy, pictured on the right devouring a donut! This picture will make his wife proud! Speaking of Jon (pictured on the far left), we are losing him! This is his last week with hard to believe.

Jon is one of the most talented, brilliant guys I have ever known and he is my friend. I love him and I thank him for everything he has done for our ministry. Many hours, many accomplishments, many inventions, many computer programs, many requests, many experiences together. Many memories I will never forget! Thanks Jon, don't get stuck in a snow drift in the morning only two days left!

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