Thursday, January 15, 2009


You would think creativeness would just happen naturally. I don't think so.

It seems to be a contradiction that creativeness must be intentional. To create intentionally does not come easy to someone who is artistic. One of our musicians was recently expressing thankfulness to me for being coaxed into a more organized schedule. So the fallacy that artistic creative people need all this freedom with no boundaries, at least in my experience is simply not true. My experience is that preparation allows for the most creativity. When I have provided information to a programming team well in advance, when we stick to the same time each week to program, when we allow input, when we don't hold too tightly to our own ideas, creativity abounds.

This is exciting to experience. I occasionally have time to take a step back and really think about how God uses our teams. Amazing, even after 12 years, God keeps showing up when we prepare. I am not suggesting that everything we plan goes perfectly, NOT SO! I wish!

Creativity put out there for all to see is a very scary thing. Several of the artists that are part of our Creative Arts Small Group, asked me while I was organizing the group if they would have to show us their work. I assured them that was not what the group was about. I understood where they were coming from. It takes complete surrender and humility to give your abilities up to the Lord, and that is why even in success it must be only His!

An intentional approach to creativeness demonstrates commitment to the Lord, a determination to give back what He has given as a talent. As leaders in ministry we must guard our artists' hearts, they are completely vulnerable when they offer their creativeness to God. But, they must offer it, they cannot resist offering it to their God who is after all the ultimate Creator!

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