Friday, January 30, 2009

seen and critiqued by many

I love my job. I often wonder how I got here. I often wonder what God thinks of my work.

My work is seen by many, critiqued by many, there just isn’t really anything private about my work. It is just out there for all to see. This is difficult sometimes.

I sometimes wonder what it must be like to work privately, quietly, unnoticed. This sounds attractive sometimes!

Would I be as diligent, would I strive so hard for excellence? Or would I be lazy, move slower or ever step out of my comfort zone? Don’t know.

God sees us all the time, every minute, every second. Do I work as if He is watching, as if I believe that He sees all? What about my thoughts? I wonder how much of my day He is glorified by. I want to live as if I believe He is listening and watching me. Can you imagine if you never had to be sorry for any word spoken or any thought? No apologizes, ever.

To live fully committed, fully focused, fully engaged, fully forgiven. I would imagine this would draw the lost to the Lord in ways none of the services I have helped plan every have or ever will. To live a fully devoted life would allow all my work, all my thoughts to freely be examined without shame or apology. And would allow people to catch just a glance of the difference Christ can make in someone’s life. This is the reason for continuing to ask for forgiveness and beginning again and again.

We all get tired. We all question if we are doing what God intended us to spend our lives doing. We all think we can’t. We all want to give up sometimes. We must cling to Him daily and continue ‘a long obedience in the same direction’…we must!

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