Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Studied up? Not!

A good friend of mine recently commented on my blog, telling me how much it encourages her. She also said she cannot believe how much I study. I don't! I couldn't believe I had given that impression!

It is SO simple to 'be all that' in the blog world. People believe what they read. As believers we cannot be misleading with our writing, we cannot be arrogant with our writing, we cannot manipulate with our writings, or we shouldn't write!

My position requires research. I am constantly watching and looking for the best ways to support the pastors teachings. I also look constantly for devotions or teachings for our Magnification teams. It is during these activities that I come across things I become curious to learn more about. Often I write about something God has tugged at my heart about that I discover during my search. Even though I do spend some amount of time daily in the Word in preparation for the services, study is one of my weakest areas.

It was important to me, to make sure I have not been misleading any of you who so faithfully read this blog, misleading you to think more highly of me than you should! I am a Child of God, I am dedicated to His service, but I have much I need to improve on. I created "What I learned today" every Tuesday on this blog to force myself into a habit of study. I am glad you are on this journey with me - but we walk side by side - I am not leading...

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Michelle said...

Anyone who knows you, knows your heart! You would never try to mislead anyone! Thank you for sharing what God is teaching you. I think it is fabulous that God is using your research for your job to share some of His great truths. I love that our God is sovereign and uses every part of our lives to teach us if we are willing to see Him at work!