Sunday, September 16, 2012

weekend report

The Lamb of God...our whole service was built around it.

Such a powerful comparison - God's Son - the Lamb of God, sacrifice for sin once and for all~

We are learning the potential of our newest technological advancement, environmental projection.  This image ended our service as Dan and Milo sang "Mighty Is the Power of the Cross".  One last image to cement the teaching into their memory...

Our setlist:

For Who You Are - Hillsong
The Only One - Passion
The Heart of Worship - Redman
Rescue - Desperation Band
One Way - Hillsong United
Announcement video shot at sheep farm - featuring Jamie our Middle School Guy  (this is worth watching)

Lamb Farm Announcements from Crossroads Community Church on Vimeo.

Message:  The Lamb of God:  A Systematic Theology Series Pt. 2
Might is the Power of the Cross - Tomlin

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