Sunday, September 2, 2012

weekend report

A lot goes into every service at Crossroads that the congregation never sees!  Hours in planning, choosing just the right songs, videos, moving backgrounds, pre-service advertising on the screens, choosing what to put in the programs and on and on.  It's a blast seeking what would honor the Lord and support the thematic teaching of our pastors.  I decided to include some pictures that I took while filming just the announcement portion of our service as well as a couple other items of support from this weekend!

This is the innocent looking little hen that about removed Jamie's finger!

Jamie setting up Tim's teaching with the birds!
Our stage layout
Our setlist:
Yesterday, Today and Forever 
The Only One - Tomlin
We Fall Down - Tomlin
Holy, Holy, Holy - Milo
Counting On Your Name - Hughes
Video announcements at Bird Sanctuary:  Jamie Koenig - Middle School Guy
Systematic Theology Pt. 5: Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit song:  Counting on Your Name

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