Thursday, September 6, 2012

tired of the fighting

If you have spoken to me in the past couple of months you've probably heard me complain about the election and how ready I am for all the fighting to end.

I haven't watched the conventions because I cannot stop worrying about our country if I do.  And since I know worry is not pleasing to the Lord I just don't watch.  I did read an amusing comment this morning however, "should there really be credit given to any speaker (on either side) that fills a room with people fully dedicated to their party then gets standing ovations?  Should a speech given in front of enthusiastic peers count as truly influencing anyone?"  A small venue for the convention was chosen so that it would seem and sound more enthusiastic - every little detail of this election is completely controlled.  What looks spontaneous is anything but that.

I have prayed more about this election than any other in my life.  I think it's a crucial time in our country's history.  It think it's an election that we will always remember.  

But guess what?  God has already chosen our leader.  Our only responsibility is to be well informed, vote for candidates that support Christian values and true democracy, pray for all of our leaders equally and leave the rest up to Him.  It truly is In God I Trust!

There should be no fighting.  Freedom is being able to vote for whom ever you wish.

I love America.  And I thank God often that I got to be raised in a free country where I never have to worry about believing and worshiping Him freely, and where our needs have always been met.

God Bless America is something I pray God will continue to do, and that we will truly be able to say in God we trust as a country!