Saturday, September 1, 2012

video without sound

This morning I turned on the tv while I was working on other things just for company.  I turned it to a music video channel, not one of the nasty ones, it was one running slightly dated music videos.  I turned the sound off.

Each time I glanced at the screen it made me sad.

As I watched I saw people that had worked their whole lives to become famous.  Here they were on screen in a full blown - huge production music video, the thing they used to dream of doing and they looked completely unhappy!

And it struck me, video without sound allows you to really SEE them.

No matter who was on the screen, famous face after famous face, no one looked happy.  No one looked fulfilled - they had what they thought they wanted and yet guessing from the looks on their face, it was full of emptiness and disappointment.

Someone now owns them.  A manager decides what they look like, what songs will be produced and what their image will be.

The world stage, the glamour and the money didn't equal satisfaction as they had once dreamed - you could see it on their faces and in their empty, empty eyes.

What is it about fame that is so alluring?

I saw another star who I thought came out of a fairly normal, conservative upbringing checking into rehab.  It is nearly impossible it seems to resist the stereo-typical lifestyle connected to stardom.

I shut it off, and realized once again - I want no part of being 'recognized' publicly.   To be unknown sounds perfect to me!

To live in a way that shows true happiness and satisfaction found only in my Savior is exactly where I want to be here in little 'ole Mansfield.

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