Monday, September 24, 2012

my day off

This no driving is for the birds!

Please pray that I will have no other seizures so that I may once again begin to drive in early November!  My poor husband has to run me everywhere and it's getting very tough on his schedule!

Many of you have offered me rides, but when you want to go somewhere at night or meet a girlfriend for coffee it's weird asking another friend to take you!  (but I appreciate the offers!)

Today I left the house early with my hubby so I could be in town to get my haircut and spend time with girls at church tonight experimenting with some material for my art project for our November Vessel show.  My attempts went so so...

This evening of scrap-booking, needle-pointing, molding and various crafts lead to a decision to meet once a month, the first Friday night of each month at Crossroads to craft.  A small group is born.

So ladies of Crossroads (and beyond) if you have any kind of craft that you like working on, the first Friday night of every month Crossroads is the place for you!

You can check it out on facebook


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